15 VLC Keyboard Shortcuts For Windows PC 2023

Do you want to know the best 15 VLC keyboard shortcuts?

Even today, most people prefer to use a mouse or touchpad because they find it easier. But keyboard shortcuts save you a lot of time and you can work faster in VLC. Your memory list contains keyboard shortcuts. Very important. Keyboard shortcuts make our daily life work very easy.

When it comes to media players, the VLC media player is the best, you can use it on MAC and Android phones too, but you should know the keyboard shortcuts of VLC, only then you can use it quickly and easily. You can. Here are the 15 best VLC keyboard shortcuts that will be very useful for you.

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Let’s start it.

15 Best Keyboard ShortcutsÛ”

1. “T” shortcut key is used to show elapsed and remaining time.

If you are watching any movie that you don’t like, you can check the elapsed and remaining time by using the “T) shortcut key on your keyboard.

2. (M) shortcut is used to mute the audio.

When you are watching something in VLC and you need to mute it somewhere, you waste your time grabbing the mouse and closing the media, but VLC’s “M” shortcut allows you to mute or play the audio. Makes it easier.

3. (Z) key helps to change the zoom mode.

With this shortcut key, you can zoom in and zoom out very easily in VLC. It will not work in full-screen video and Windows.

The zooming mechanism operates between a quarter, half, real and double.

4. Keyboard (Space) key is used to play and pause media.

Like other media players, VLC has a video play/pause function. You can pause a video by pressing the space bar to pause it and pressing the space bar again to play it again.

5. The (F) key is used to go full screen in VLC.

This is the easiest shortcut key to press the (F) key on the keyboard to go full screen in VLC.

6. (A) key to change the aspect ratio.

You can play the video at different fixed aspect ratios by pressing (A) Aspect ratio is just the ratio of the width and height of the video. Sometimes the video does not adjust to your screen. Can adjust it on your screen.

7. (V) button is used to turn on/off subtitles.

Sometimes you need subtitles in a video. You have subtitles but you don’t know how to turn them on. The easiest way is to press the (V) button and the subtitles will turn on very easily.

8. (F11) is used to make the window full screen.

The (F11) button is different from the (F) button in that the (F11) button only makes the VLC window full screen and the(F) button makes the entire video full screen.

9. (J/K) is used to increase and decrease audio delay.

If you want to properly match the audio with the lips in the video, you can use the (J/K) audio key, it will increase and decrease the audio delay easily.

10. Press (Ctrl+T) to go to time.

For example, you are watching a video but you want to complete it, and suddenly you have to go to something important, then you can come back and start the video from there, for this, you need to press the (Ctrl+T) button. You have to press it which will open a window where you have to write the time from where you left the video and your video will start from there.

VLC Keyboard Shortcuts (Ctrl+T) is used to go to time

11. (CTRL+UP/DOWN) is used to increase and decrease the volume.

You can easily increase or decrease the volume while watching any video(Ctrl+Up arrow) key is used to increase volume and (Ctrl+Down arrow) key to decrease volume.

VLC Keyboard Shortcuts: To increase or decrease volume (CTRL+UP/DOWN)

12. (CTRL+H) the key is used to hide controls.

This is a handy shortcut that you can use to hide all controls. On pressing the (Ctrl+H) button, you will find that all the on-screen controls like play/pause, volume, etc. are now hidden.

VLC Keyboard Shortcuts: Hide Controls (CTRL+H)

13.(CTRL+E) the key is used to adjust audio and video effects.

Whenever you are watching a video on a VLC media player, you want to tweak it a bit.

Press the (CTRL+E) button and a box will appear with all the options to adjust things related to audio and video.

VLC Keyboard Shortcuts: To adjust audio and video effects (CTRL+E).

14. (CTRL+ALT) Left/Right for Fast Forward Long.

If 10 seconds or 1 minute isn’t enough for you to work with, try using the left or right arrow keys along with the “Ctrl” and “Alt” keys to skip 5 minutes of video. “Ctrl+Alt+Right Arrow” to skip 5 minutes in the forwarding direction and “Ctrl+Alt+Left Arrow” to go in the backward direction.

VLC Keyboard Shortcuts: Left/Right for Fast Forward Long (CTRL+ALT)

Note: If you are using Intel HD graphics, please disable the card’s global hotkey because if it is on, then the Ctrl+Alt+Left/Right Key combination will flip your screen upside down.

15. Fast forward to medium (CTRL+Left/Right).

If you want to skip 1 minute of video time, just replace the (Alt) key with the (Ctrl) key from the shortcut above. (Ctrl+Right Arrow) 1 minute in a forward direction and (Ctrl+Left Arrow) arrow) will leave the backward direction.

Hope these 15 Best VLC keyboard shortcuts will be very useful for you guys.

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